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lajos_rhys's Journal

Lajos Haevest Rhys
20 October
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You don't need to know me, only two people really know me and I prefer to keep it that way. I have a few set rules for my journal. If you don't like them DON'T FRIEND ME.

First: I will friend anyone who friends me.
Second: I believe in filters and screened comments. I don't want flaming.
Third: Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. If I don't like it
your comment will not be replied to or unscreened. EVER.
Fourth: I realize not everyone who may friend me get's along. If they care for me at all
They will get the fuck over it.
Fifth: IF you have a issue or question about anything. Feel free to e-mail me (Illuminouscatastrophe at Comcast dot Net and make sure your subject has my name in it.)
or message me/leave a comment.